India is listed by Ernst & young as the most attractive photovoltaic market in the world

India is listed by Ernst & young as the most attractive photovoltaic market in the world

  • 2020-12-04
India ranks at the forefront of the photovoltaic industry in the latest issue of the national attractiveness index of renewable energy, helping the country to reach the fourth place in total clean energy investment. Mexico's ranking was hit hard by the government's attitude towards clean energy, and France fell four places.

London based Ernst & Young (ey), one of the "big four" accounting firms, has ranked India as a leader in the photovoltaic industry in its latest renewable energy national attractiveness index.

Since 2003, the professional services company has continuously published the list of the top 40 countries in the world for renewable energy investment. The United States and China remain the first and second largest destinations for clean energy spending, the company said on Wednesday.

However, this ranking is for all renewable energy sources. Ernst & Young also subdivided the scores of different types of technologies, indicating that India is the leader in the field of photovoltaic power generation, and its solar power generation capacity has reached 35gw supported by ultra-low solar power prices.

The accounting firm ranked China as the second most attractive country in the field of solar photovoltaic power generation, and the United States ranked third. Among the top 40 countries in the overall attractiveness of renewable energy, Norway and Finland are at the bottom of the photovoltaic industry.

Since the last time the list was released, Morocco, Portugal and Vietnam have all climbed five places. Among them, Portugal held a record 670 MW national clean energy auction this year, which added a lot of points to it; while Vietnam was driven by the recent solar boom and the plan to change to a reverse auction system as a reward - which led to the astonishing low price of solar energy in India. Taiwan, whose high offshore wind power target has raised it by 14 places, is another top candidate for promotion.

Switzerland, on the other hand, has fallen 11 places in the list, while Mexico's current government's opposition to renewable energy has pushed the country down eight places, with up to 250 megawatts of clean energy power generation being hit by the proposed increase in renewable energy transmission costs. Jordan and Israel fell six places, respectively.

In the top 10, Australia climbed to the third highest ever, despite criticism from the renewable energy lobby group of Scott Morrison's government, while India's progress in solar energy led to the country's rise to fourth place. The UK rose to fifth place, swapping the rankings with Germany; France fell four places to seventh because the epidemic delayed the national auction; Japan, the Netherlands and Spain all ranked in the top 10.
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